Group Members

Current Members

James Cooling (DSTL)

Michail Kritsotakis (EPSRC)

Former Members

Jesús Rubio Jiménez (SEPnet) Thesis

Dr Simon Haine (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow)

Sam Nolan (Visitor)

Dr Anthony Hayes (University of Sussex) Thesis

Dr Paul Knott (EPSRC) Thesis

Dr Veiko Palge (EPSRC) Thesis

Dr Luis Rico Gutierrez (CONACyT, Mexico) Thesis

Dr Martin Aulbach (William Wright Smith Scholar) Thesis

Dr Jess Cooper (University of Leeds Doctoral Scholar) Feature article

Dr David Hallwood (EPSRC)

Dr Alexander Rau (Marshall Scholar)

Dr Karen Braun-Munzinger (Rhodes Scholar) Thesis

Ryan Griffiths (EPSRC)

Positions Available

A fully-funded PhD position on "Quantum-enhanced radar" is now available. More details can be found here.